PTA Structure

The key elements of the structure of the association are the:
•    members
•    committee


The type of association a school has or wishes to establish will depend on its membership:

  • in a Parents' Association (PA) members are limited to parents, carers and guardians of pupils currently at the school
  • in a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or Home School Association (HSA) members are limited to the above plus the teaching and non-teaching staff currently employed by the school
  • in any other association, such as a Friends or Community Association (CA), the members may be those described above plus any persons wishing to offer appropriate support or help to the school/association who is deemed suitable as a member by the Committee e.g. grandparents, members of the local community

Members are not legally responsible for the actions of the association. It is the elected committee members who are legally responsible for the management of the association.

During the inaugural meeting it was decided that Branwood School shall be supported by a Parent Teacher Association.


A committee is a team of volunteers who are elected at the association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) to manage the association on behalf of the members.

There are two types of committee member: Officer and Ordinary (or Other) member.
Officers have specific roles such as Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary or Staff Representative. These officers shall make up the board.
Ordinary Committee Members play a vital role working alongside and supporting the board.
All committee members have equal voting rights, with the exception of the Chair, who has an additional casting vote, should this be needed.

Additional support

In addition to the elected committee, it is valuable to have a list of volunteers/helpers, who are willing to support the work of the committee. Volunteers are very welcome to attend committee meetings but they would not have a vote; only elected committee members (Ordinary and Officers) can vote.

Being a nominated PTA volunteer can be a gentle introduction to the committee and such volunteers may well go on to being a fully elected committee member with full voting rights.

Branwood PTA Structure

Committee Officers Roles (Members of the board)

Chair - The Chair provides leadership for the committee, sets the agenda for meetings and manages meetings in line with the agenda.
Vice Chair - The Vice Chair supports the Chair and takes the lead in their absence
Secretary- The Secretary is responsible for requesting items for the committee meetings agenda, taking and distributing minutes.
Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for day to day admin of financial records and procedures as well as the banking and handling of money at PTA events.
Staff Representative - The Staff Representative acts as the link between school staff and the rest of the PTA, reporting back to staff after meetings on the outcome as well as bringing matters to the meeting brought up by staff.

Additional Roles Within The Committee:

Communications Officer - responsible for updating the PTA noticeboard, updating the monthly bulletin, arranging publicity for events and writing reports after events
Website / Social Media Co-ordinator - Keeps the website updated with latest news and events blog and helps promote the PTA via social media platforms
School Uniform / Bags2School Co-ordinator - Arranges the collection of second hand uniform and sorts in preparation for sale.  Arranges the second hand uniform stall at events.  Co-ordinates the Bag2School collections, arranges dates and publicity.
Form Representatives -  Form representatives will liaise with form teachers and all parents within their form for larger events to arrange stalls and volunteers.  Parents within each form can contact their Form representative if they wish to find out more information about the PTA

We also need plenty of volunteers to help make events successful!

Our Target

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